What is a protein diet?

What is a protein diet?Among the many options of weight loss diets that can be performed, dissociative diets like protein diets are the fastest alternative. However, they also are among those that carry more risks for the fact stop consuming, sometimes radically, certain food groups. Some diets present more pros and cons, which we will present below.

But first, let’s see what types of diets are proteins: the famous Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet and the Montignac Method are the most popular. They are based on protein intake above (and instead) of hydrates and fats, although they have different phases and stages. Ensure weight loss that can reach up to many lbs a week.

Why are proteins good? This is simple. When you feed your body with protein, more calories are consumed and used as energy source. Hence the weight is reduced at high speed.  What foods contain more protein? You should consume meat and animal products, (red meat, chicken, seafood, fish), legumes, soybeans, milk, lentils, eggs, etc.

Within the most common pros of protein diets, we find the following:

  • Rapid weight loss.
  • It is very good to eliminate cellulite and combat the accumulation of fluid and fat.
  • Many protein diets allow us to eat the quantities we want without regret or measured or counted.
  • Foods high in protein are powerful satiety.

When making a protein diet, it is recommended to start working out more. All in all, you will be increasing our physical activity.

As far as cons are concerned, the most striking is the lack of all other nutrients that are not consumed as carbohydrates and even fats. We may suffer lack of vitamins as many protein diets don’t even allow us to eat fruit or vegetables. Make sure you follow a diet plan thoroughly or else it may cause gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, dry skin, nausea, anxiety and fatigue continued, particularly the lack of carbohydrates.

A continuous consumption of protein can increase the level of bad cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid in blood. In addition, it is also causing gout and cardiovascular disease. Note that lack of fiber causes constipation. The absence of carbohydrates produces an excess of acetone in the body, and this in turn causes bad breath. Make sure you consult with an expert to follow the best diet plan ever!

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