Unhealthy food problems in children

Junk food or unhealthy food, refers to foods whose nutritional value is poor, but add large amounts of calories to the diet of your child. It is also defined “by its high levels of sugar, fat, salt and additives, which stimulate both appetite and thirst in people”. Read on and make sure you educate your little ones smartly.Processed foods and junk food are a huge concern. It is increasingly difficult for parents to distinguish healthy food from junk food. One factor that influences the confusion with consumers, especially parents on what is considered a junk food is that U.S. law does not define what junk food is but has chosen to define generally what foods are considered of minimal nutritional value, as explained by the Department of Agriculture (USDA for its acronym in English).

In today’s market, no junk foods have a label identifying them as junk food. Similarly, the confusion is also due to the proliferation of processed foods of different brands, whose marketing claims and false nutritional products increasingly come to nutritional deficiencies from junk food, but they are designed to be more attractive and addictive into opportunities fortified foods is lacking real nutritional value.

Although nutritionists and pediatricians agree that all foods can be harmful to children’s health when consumed in excess, they also agree that one of the influential factors in the epidemic of childhood overweight and obesity is the indiscriminate consumption of junk food, and of inactivity and genetic factors. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP for its acronym in English) and subject specialists warn about the relationship between the consumption of junk food advertising aimed at children and the high consumption of these products.

Recently, experts and multiple studies indicate the addictive properties of certain foods, in which the role of carbohydrates, sugar and artificial sweeteners, caloric and non-caloric pose a real threat to children; they can develop an addiction to certain foods. To recognize junk food is really important. Wrapping it up, it is a foolproof way to question all the foods you offer to your child. Make sure you cook thoroughly and teach your children about foods groups and healthy habits.

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