List of food-related illness in adults and children

List of food-related illness in adults and children

Everyone wants to feel great but the problem is that some people follow habits that prevent them from a good life, thus, from doing what they love. In an ideal world, they would have eight hours sleep every day without fail. One of the worst things is to eat junk food right before bed. How can something so good be so bad? Some food is loaded with fat that is digested at a slow pace. It also contains a lot of sugar that will certainly keep you awake. The taste may seem reassuring, but the results are totally atrocious when it comes to sleep.

What about red meat? The problem is that red meat is loaded with protein and fat, and it takes longer to digest than other foods. Therefore, keep your body busy digesting, which can cause discomfort and even cramps. To avoid a night full of twists and contortions, it is important to measure yourself with what you eat, especially if red meat.

On the contrary, pasta is a quick and easy solution for those do not want to go to bed on an empty stomach, but it is not a late night snack recommended. It is full of carbohydrates and it is very dense in calories.

It is worth mentioning pizza, which contains too many calories to leave everything alone before you go to bed. The layer of tomato sauce is high in acidity, causing reflux, and greasy toppings will churn your stomach. Not the best way to wake up in the middle of the night.

What about alcohol? Sure, a glass of wine to a deep sleep, right?. While it is true that alcohol has a narcotic and sleepy, produces and revitalizing sleep. Alcohol causes dehydration and interferes with the restorative functions of sleep.

Is chocolate good? It is high in sugar, fat, and as if that was not enough, caffeine. Chocolate keeps you awake at night, or at least a part. Are candy bars an option? The latest in the list are candy bars. No matter how tempting they may be, do not eat before you go to sleep. A recent study has shown that 7 out of 10 people who eat junk food like candy bars before bedtime are more likely to experience a nightmare that night.

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