Effects of organic food on your health

Effects of organic food on your health

Why going organic and raw is good? Organic food is healthier, more natural, and much better. It is essential to know why organic foods are healthier than those produced by traditional agriculture. Just walk down any organic market in Europe, USA, Canada or Australia; you will easily see how the customers open one by one the corn. They don’t even see if the beans are in perfect condition, but to find the live worm walking among them. The credible proof that what they are taking home is just what they want: organic.

And as we are in the beginning of this adventure, it is well worth to know what organic foods are out there, why they are healthier than those produced by traditional agriculture and what our contribution is as consumers when we prefer such foods.

This is the consensus of the organic consumer! It is all about organic food that will bring infinite benefits. This food items pass a rigorous certification process. This is a great choice for its quality and commitment to the environment; this is like feeding the future. All in all, it protects the health of consumers and farmers.

Certificates are rigorous in every product, which ensures a complete consumer satisfaction. Organic farming maintains existing traditional agricultural practices. Moreover, organic options support biodiversity: a shared responsibility from the producer to the consumer.

The best part is, organic food does not contain pesticides. Over 400 chemical pesticides are routinely used in conventional farming. Children are especially vulnerable to pesticide exposure. Today the pace of life has increased: between work and daily activities, there is no time to take a break or even to prepare a good lunch. Alongside this, the emergence of many fast food chains has increased the consumption of these foods, and excessively prolonged periods, can cause great harm to the body, from weight gain to chronic.

Some reasons not to eat fast food it is not nutritious, it is made to prepare almost instantly and has higher nutritional value. In short, the body is designed to process natural nutrients, but not to process and dispose synthetic chemicals.

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