Unhealthy food problems in children

Junk food or unhealthy food, refers to foods whose nutritional value is poor, but add large amounts of calories to the diet of your child. It is also defined “by its high levels of sugar, fat, salt and additives, which stimulate both appetite and thirst in people”. Read on and make sure you educate your […]

Risks related with monosodium glutamate on your health

Monosodium glutamate is no stranger to anyone’s life, especially if you love food and also processed foods, it is worth clarifying this concept. Here we tell you more about this element that enhances the flavor of certain foods. Some people are constantly worried and wondering about specific nutritional values, yet, they forget to check monosodium […]

How to stay fit with low sodium levels?

Did you know that several individuals who have high blood pressure don’t even know it? This is because nowadays, most people have a high sodium intake. Read on and gather as much data as possible. Learn a little about this topic. A pinch of salt is enough. Sodium is a mineral that our bodies need […]

Health issues due to fast foods

As you know, the world is moving at a fast speed and this includes the nutrition arena. If you truly want to move towards a healthy lifestyle, it may be good to begin by taking a look at your daily diet. Health issues associated to junk food are infinite. Thereby, consider a healthy meal plan […]

Effects of organic food on your health

Why going organic and raw is good? Organic food is healthier, more natural, and much better. It is essential to know why organic foods are healthier than those produced by traditional agriculture. Just walk down any organic market in Europe, USA, Canada or Australia; you will easily see how the customers open one by one […]