What is a protein diet?

Among the many options of weight loss diets that can be performed, dissociative diets like protein diets are the fastest alternative. However, they also are among those that carry more risks for the fact stop consuming, sometimes radically, certain food groups. Some diets present more pros and cons, which we will present below. But first, […]

How to prepare a healthy food pyramid chart

To begin with, it is relevant to drink water, this is essential for life. Humans are formed by a 80% water and must constantly replenish it.¬†Besides hydrating the body, water gives us iodine, a mineral that is essential for thyroid function and fluoride necessary for the formation of bones and teeth. What about calories? They […]

Getting kids to eat healthy food

When children are having fun, they are more likely to remember specific information. The more you get involved, the more you gain from the experience with your little ones, too. Today, learning about healthy food and nutrition is a must. The best tips for kids to eat healthy are right here. Children can help you […]

All about foods to keep your heart healthy

Healthy eating, exercise and medical care, as well as the need to remove toxic habits are essential to physical health. But do not forget to take care of what we often ignore: pleasure. Massages, giving or receiving touch, taking a bubble bath, being wrapped in a rich plush robe or sleeping on fluffy pillows are […]

5 ways to eat healthy and stay fit

The body is a temple. And it’s true, because it has your five senses and it is the means that allows you to be in the world and move through life. However, many people do not give the same care as they should. To stay physically fit, your body needs healthy food. Just as if […]