About Us

Health & Fatness is an organization, which is your free channel to a healthy information and health lifestyle on the internet. We offer reliable and in-depth reference material and support communities relating to health subjects that matter the most to you. Our foundation is not only based on timely and genuine health information as well but it is also based on the material received from skilled content contributors.

The content offered on Health & Fatness website includes a blend of award-winning expertise in creation of content, expert commentary, journalism, medical review, and community services in order to give our audience an assortment of ways to learn and understand what data they are looking for. In addition, all this requires committed, skilled professionals with up to date proficiency in:

•                        Creating medical reference content databases

•                        Health and fitness information for the general public

•                        Live web events

•                        Interactive tools

•                        User experience

•                        Maintaining up-to-date databases and medical references

•                        Medical animation, graphics, and imagery

•                        Support communities

Our trained community moderators, award-winning journalists, and board-certified physicians are exclusively committed to provide you with apt data and experience on Health & Fatness. Our content providers include people who hold higher degrees in clinical informatics, medicine, nursing, medical illustration, journalism and health communications. We at Health & Fatness verify the credentials of all medical experts on the site, which includes the editorial team, health experts, and other skilled contributors with a license specializing in health.

Most of us at Health & Fatness have dedicated our complete careers towards assisting individuals in knowing more about medical and health and information, medical services and support, which they would require — way before there was something called as “the internet”. We are committed to offer our readers with superior information about medical and health information and to keeping the veracity of our editorial viewpoint.

We understand the credibility of medical and health information and thus ensure that all the content offered on Health and Fatness website is not only exciting and entertaining but it also keeps our audience entertained.

Our staff at Health & Fatness is dedicated towards constantly improving our website. We will prolong to publish even more information, services and communities that help in enhancing your, to assist you with medical and healthcare verdicts, and to lend a hand and make you feel better when it comes to the health of you and your family.